UL / FM OS&Y Resilient Seated Gate Valves (2”-12”)

The UL / FM OS&Y Resilient Seated Gate Valves (2”-12”) have the highest rated pressure in the industry at 300psi. Available in Flange x Flange, Flange x Groove, and Groove x Groove End Configurations. Stainless Steel Stem and Bolting. Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior to AWWA C550 Standard. Manufactured to AWWA C515 Standard.

UL / FM OS&Y Resilient Seated Gate Valves (2”-12”) Material Specifications:

Part NameMaterialASTM Spec.
BodyDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
WedgeDuctile Iron, EPDM Encapsulated
Wedge NutStainless SteelAISI 304
StemStainless SteelAISI 420
BonnettDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
GlandDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Yoke NutBronzeB62 C83600
HandwheelDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Handwheel NutDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
NPTMalleable IronCommercial
Gland BoltStainless SteelAISI 316
Bonnet BoltCarbon SteelA307 B