UL / FM Butterfly Valve – Wafer Style


  • Single piece through shaft
  • Vulcanized seat design for bubble-tight shutoff at 300 psi
  • Flag type position indicator
  • Low torque operation, high cycle life
  • With built-in supervisory switch
  • Top flange to ISO 5211/1
  • Flanges to ANSI B16 1 Class125 (Other flange types available upon
  • UL Listed

Working pressure:

  • 300PSI
  • 200PSI and 250PSI available on request

Working temperature:

  • 42° F – 180° F

Corrosion protection:

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior to AWWA C550 Standard


  • May be fitted in either horizontal or vertical pipework. When installed in a horizontal pipeline, the valve stem should be preferably horizontal.
  • This enables the butterfly valve to be self-cleaning and also enables the weight of the disk to be equally borne by the bearings.

UL / FM Butterfly Valve – Wafer Style Material Specifications:

Part NameMaterialASTM Spec.
BodyDuctile Iron, Vulcanized EPDMA536 65-45-12 and EPDM
DiscDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
ShaftStainless SteelAISI 431
BushingBrassB16 C36000
Gearbox HousingCast IronA126 Class B
Gearbox CoverCast IronA126 Class B
WormgearBrassB16 C36000
WormStainless SteelAISI 420
HandwheelCast IronA126 Class B