UL / FM / AWWA Fire Hydrant


● Manufactured in accordance with AWWA C502 Standard
● UL Listed / FM Approved at 250 psi water working pressure rating
● (1) 4.5” Pumper Nozzle, (2) 2.5” Hose Nozzles. NH Thread. Other thread types available
● Multiple bury lengths available. Specify bury depth at time of order
● 6” Mechanical Joint Shoe to AWWA C111 Standard / 6” Flanged Shoe to ANSI B16.1, Class 125
● Specify Mechanical Joint or Flanged Shoe at time of order
● Traffic Flange model, with full “break-away” safety feature

Working temperature:
42° F – 180° F

Corrosion protection:
Liquid Epoxy Painted Interior and Exterior to AWWA C550 Standard

UL / FM / AWWA Fire Hydrant Material Specifications:

Part NameMaterialASTM Spec.
Operating NutBronzeASTM B62
Hold Down NutBronzeASTM B62
BonnetCast IronA126 Class B
Bonnet Bolt & NutStainless SteelAISI 201
Upper RodCarbon SteelAISI 1045
Pumper NozzleBronzeASTM B62
Pumper Nozzle GasketNBRCommercial
Hose NozzleBronzeASTM B62
Hose Nozzle GasketCast IronCommercial
Pumper Nozzle CapCast IronA126 Class B
Hose Nozzle CapCast IronA126 Class B
Cap ChainCarbon SteelPlated
Upper BarrelDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Safety CouplingStainless SteelA890
Safety Flange Bolt & NutStainless SteelAISI 201
Safety FlangeDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Lower RodCarbon SteelAISI 1045
Lower BarrelDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Stem PinStainless SteelA276
Drain Ring HousingDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Drain RingBronzeASTM B62
Seat RingBronzeASTM B62
Bottom PlateDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
Disc RingNBRCommercial
Bottom Plate NutDuctile IronA536 65-45-12
ElbowDuctile IronA536 65-45-12