UL Listed Large Diameter Post Indicator Valve Assembly

UL Listed Large Diameter Post Indicator Valve Assembly features the only “gear driven” UL Listed vertical indicator post in the industry. The lowest valve opening / closing torque in 14”-24” sizes.


Gate Valve:

1.Resilient Seated Gate Valves are in accordance with ANSI / AWWA C515 Standard.

2.Body, bonnet, and wedge of the gate valve shall be of high strength ductile-iron, ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12.

3.Valves Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior, ANSI / AWWA C550. Certified to NSF-372 Standard.

4.Stuffing Box Gland shall have a minimum of three (3) O-rings capable of replacement under pressure while gate is in the full open position.

5.EPDM O-ring Seals shall be located between Stuffing Box Gland, Bonnet, and Body.

6.Operating Stem shall be 431 Stainless Steel with (3) Machined Grooves located just above the Lower Stem O-ring to accept and mate with a 2-piece Brass Split Ring. The design of the Stem and Split Ring will eliminate any upward or downward operating thrust on any Iron service.

7.Underwriters Laboratories Listed with a Pressure Rating of 250 psi for 14″ – 16″ – 18″ sizes, and 200 psi for 20″ – 24″ sizes.

UL Listed Large Diameter Post Indicator Valve Assembly Material Specification


Item No. Description Material / Specification
1 Snap Ring AISI066
2 Tor Section C.1ASTMA126 Class B
3 Openating Nut Bronze ASTMB62 C83600
4 Gasket PTFE
5 Window Glass Lexan-Un Stabilized
6 Target Brz. ASTMB62 C83600 OR St. Steel GR.304
7 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
8 Hex Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
9 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
10 Plug Malleable Iron
11 Target Carrler Nut Brz. ASTMB62 C83600 OR St. Steel GR.304
12 Locking Wrench D.I.ASTM A536 65-45-12
13 Body C.1ASTMA126 Class B
14 Stem Square AISI 1045
15 Screw A2-70
16 Washer CS.Zinc Plated
17 Wrench Nut DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
18 Standpipe C.S.ASTMA53
19 Dust Sealing NBR
20 Cotter Pin SS.AISI 304
21 Gland X20CR13
22 Gland Gasket Graphite
23 Hex Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
24 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
25 Bearing #32907
26 Input Stem X20CR13
27 Crane Courling D.I.ASTM A536 65-45-12
28 Key Carbon Steel
29 Housing Cover C.1ASTMA126 Class B
30 Gasket NBR
31 Input Gear ANSI 1045(#45)
32 Housing Cover Gasket NBR
33 Gear DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
34 Housing C.1ASTMA126 Class B
35 Key Carbon Steel
36 Gear DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
37 Output Gear ANSI 1045
38 Bearing #32916
39 Bearing #32907
40 Gear Stem SS304
41 Scraperseal NBR
42 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
43 Hex Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
44 Spring Cushion AISI066
45 O-Ring NBR
46 O-Ring NBR
47 Eye Bolt C.S.ASTMA307B
48 Clasp Ring Bronze
49 O-Ring NBR
50 Bonnet DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
51 Screw C.S.ASTMA307B
52 Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
53 Gasket EPDM
54 Stem Carbon Steel
55 Stem Nut Bronze
56 Wedge Disc DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12+EPDM
57 Body DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12