UL / FM Swing Check Valves – Flange x Flange (2” – 12” Sizes)


  • Complies with AWWA C508 Standard, clear waterway design
  • Seating type is resilient material to bronze seat construction
  • Two test plugs included – installed on one side of valve body
  • Flanges to ANSI B16 1 Class125 (Other flange types available upon
  • UL Listed and FM Approved

Working pressure:

  • 300PSI
  • 200PSI and 250PSI available on request

Working temperature:

  • 42° F – 180° F

Corrosion protection:

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior to AWWA C550 Standard


  • May be installed horizontally or vertically for vertical installations the flow must be in upward direction

UL / FM Swing Check Valves – Flange x Flange (2” – 12” Sizes) Material Specifications:

Part Name Material ASTM Spec.
Body Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Seat Ring Bronze B62 C83600
Disc Ring Rubber EPDM
Disc Ring Retainer Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Retainer Bolt Stainless Steel ASI 304

Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Bonnet Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Gasket Rubber EPDM
Hinge Pin Stainless Steel AISI 304
Clapper Arm Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Pin Plug Stainless Steel AISI 304
NPT Plug Malleable Iron Commercial
Bonnet Bolts Carbon Steel A307 B
Eyebolt Carbon Steel A307 B