UL / FM Large Diameter Post Indicator Valves (14″-24″)

UL / FM Large Diameter Post Indicator Valves are available in three different configurations, Flange x Flange, Mechanical Joint x Mechanical Joint, or Flanged x Mechanical Joint End. Post Indicator Valve sizes 14” and 16” Sizes are UL / FM @ 250 psi working pressure rating. 14”-16”-18” Sizes are UL Listed @ 250 psi working pressure rating. 20”-24” Sizes are UL Listed @ 200 psi working pressure rating, the highest in the industry.

Gate Valve:

1.Resilient Seated Gate Valves are in accordance with ANSI / AWWA C515 Standard.

2.Body, bonnet, and wedge of the gate valve shall be of high strength ductile-iron, ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12.

3.Valves Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior, ANSI / AWWA C550. Certified to NSF-372 Standard.

4.Stuffing Box Gland shall have a minimum of three (3) O-rings capable of replacement under pressure while gate is in the full open position.

5.EPDM O-ring Seals shall be located between Stuffing Box Gland, Bonnet, and Body.

6.Operating Stem shall be 431 Stainless Steel with (3) Machined Grooves located just above the Lower Stem O-ring to accept and mate with a 2-piece Brass Split Ring. The design of the Stem and Split Ring will eliminate any upward or downward operating thrust on any Iron service.

7.Underwriters Laboratories Listed with a Pressure Rating of 250 psi for 14″ – 16″ – 18″ sizes, and 200 psi for 20″ – 24″ sizes.

UL / FM Large Diameter Post Indicator Valves Material Specification:


Item No. Description Material / Specification
1 Snap Ring AISI066
2 Tor Section C.1ASTMA126 Class B
3 Openating Nut Bronze ASTMB62 C83600
4 Gasket PTFE
5 Window Glass Lexan-Un Stabilized
6 Target Brz. ASTMB62 C83600 OR St. Steel GR.304
7 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
8 Hex Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
9 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
10 Plug Malleable Iron
11 Target Carrler Nut Brz. ASTMB62 C83600 OR St. Steel GR.304
12 Locking Wrench D.I.ASTM A536 65-45-12
13 Body C.1ASTMA126 Class B
14 Stem Square AISI 1045
15 Screw A2-70
16 Washer CS.Zinc Plated
17 Wrench Nut DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
18 Standpipe C.S.ASTMA53
19 Dust Sealing NBR
20 Cotter Pin SS.AISI 304
21 Gland X20CR13
22 Gland Gasket Graphite
23 Hex Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
24 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
25 Bearing #32907
26 Input Stem X20CR13
27 Crane Courling D.I.ASTM A536 65-45-12
28 Key Carbon Steel
29 Housing Cover C.1ASTMA126 Class B
30 Gasket NBR
31 Input Gear ANSI 1045(#45)
32 Housing Cover Gasket NBR
33 Gear DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
34 Housing C.1ASTMA126 Class B
35 Key Carbon Steel
36 Gear DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
37 Output Gear ANSI 1045
38 Bearing #32916
39 Bearing #32907
40 Gear Stem SS304
41 Scraperseal NBR
42 Hex Capscrew C.S.ASTMA307B
43 Hex Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
44 Spring Cushion AISI066
45 O-Ring NBR
46 O-Ring NBR
47 Eye Bolt C.S.ASTMA307B
48 Clasp Ring Bronze
49 O-Ring NBR
50 Bonnet DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12
51 Screw C.S.ASTMA307B
52 Nut C.S.ASTMA307B
53 Gasket EPDM
54 Stem Carbon Steel
55 Stem Nut Bronze
56 Wedge Disc DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12+EPDM
57 Body DI.ASTMA536.GR.65-45-12