UL / FM / AWWA NRS MJ x MJ Valves


● Complies with AWWA C515 Standard
● Non-Rising Stem, Resilient Seated
● Triple O-rings stem seal
● NPT plug on body
● Mechanical joint ends to ANSI/AWWA C153/A21.53 Standard
● Underwriters Laboratories Listed @ 300 psi
● Factory Mutual Approved @ 300 psi

Working pressure:
200PSI and 250PSI available on request

Working temperature:
42° F – 180° F

Corrosion protection:
Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior to AWWA C550

Valves installed in horizontal piping systems should have the stems oriented vertically
Valves installed in vertical piping systems should have the stems oriented horizontally

UL / FM / AWWA NRS MJ x MJ Valves Material Specifications:

Part Name Material ASTM Spec.
Body Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Wedge Ductile Iron, EPDM Encapsulated
Wedge Nut Bronze C83600
Stem Stainless Steel AISI 420
Bonnet Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Gasket Rubber EPDM
Packing Graphite Commercial
Gland Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Thrust Collar Bronze B62 C83600
O-ring Rubber EPDM
Operating Nut Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Post Flange Bolt Stainless Steel AISI 316
Bonnet Bolt Carbon Steel A307 B